2018 couldn't have started better.

I brought in the new year in Bali, Indonesia. My reps have me busy AF with pilot season. My episode on Scorpion aired (see clip here). I started a production company and created my first project! I wanted to let go of my fear of putting myself out there this year, of letting go of self-judgement and basically not giving a flying f*ck to what people think about me. Below is the video and I've also created a tab on my website where it (and more) can live on a more permanent basis. Thanks for watching!

V Busy Year!

My bad on not updating this section as well as I should have but damn... it's for a good reason!

  • CMT has been using me as one of their voices for their network, which is freakin' fantastic. It's the first time I've ever worked in the promo world in this capacity and they. are. keeping. mama. busy!
  • Currently airing a direcTV commercial both in English and Spanish language. The times I had to carry that couch has left Popeye sized biceps on me until the foreseeable future - Here's the link (or posted below) to the GENERAL MARKET spot. 
  • McDonald's hired me for their Breakfast Bowl - can be seen HEREor scroll down. 
  • I booked a Toyotathon commercial for the Hispanic Market. Not airing yet but you know once it does, I'll link that baby up! This one is dear to my heart bc I legit look like a psycho jumping on a car and on a husband. My finest work yet tbh. 
  • Got to stay hushed about two other projects: one is a badass video game and one is a Netflix series that I was super excited about being a part of too!

Phew! got all that? It's been a wild ride but I am so ready for more. BRING IT.



The Voice of Country Music

well, let me be specific.. the PROMO voice of Country Music Television. Or CMT. I can't sing for s**t. :) This year has been quite busy thanks to this delightful channel choosing my larynx as one of their network voices. Below is an example of the stellar work I get to be a part of-

Guest Starring on Notorious

This week, I'll be appearing on Thursday's season finale on ABC's Notorious. Proud to be a part of this show and the cast and crew were very kind and welcoming on set. Happy to be able to finish off the year the way I started it! #thankyoumoreplease

Write up on the episode with some pictures HERE

Kevin Sizemore, Daniel Sunjata and myself as "Maria Alvarez"

TellTale's BATMAN

Beyond pumped to be a part of Telltale Game's newest franchise: Batman. I voice an eager-to-please assistant to the Mayor, I am also the salacious reporter Fairchild, and most excitingly, I'm part of the main cast as DC staple: Detective Renee Montoya. I've had a great time in the studio with this team and am super proud to be a part of this.


Swimming in the Desert

I was asked by writer/director Alvaro Ron to co-star in his short film, Swimming in the Desert, this weekend. It stars a lovely young lady by the name of Melody Marquez who plays my daughter, and legendary Cuban-American actor, Tony Plana, as my father. This film is one of four screenplays selected by NALIP Latino Lens Short Narrative Incubator finalist. 

Great Start to 2016!

I'm loving the energy surrounding this new year- so many seeds I've planted are coming to fruition. Right before the town closed out, I worked an episode of THE ODD COUPLE with Thomas Lennon and Matthew Perry and an additional scene with Geoff Stults that I can't wait to see. 

I came right back into LA with a job on CSI: Cyber waiting for me playing District Attorney Sarah Shaw, opposite Patricia Arquette and James VanDerBeek. This episode airs on February 14.

There's also some commercials popping up, both in English and Spanish markets to keep an eye out for.

Great start and I'm gonna do my best to keep the momentum flowing.

Here's to a great New Year everyone!