V Busy Year!

My bad on not updating this section as well as I should have but damn... it's for a good reason!

  • CMT has been using me as one of their voices for their network, which is freakin' fantastic. It's the first time I've ever worked in the promo world in this capacity and they. are. keeping. mama. busy!
  • Currently airing a direcTV commercial both in English and Spanish language. The times I had to carry that couch has left Popeye sized biceps on me until the foreseeable future - Here's the link (or posted below) to the GENERAL MARKET spot. 
  • McDonald's hired me for their Breakfast Bowl - can be seen HEREor scroll down. 
  • I booked a Toyotathon commercial for the Hispanic Market. Not airing yet but you know once it does, I'll link that baby up! This one is dear to my heart bc I legit look like a psycho jumping on a car and on a husband. My finest work yet tbh. 
  • Got to stay hushed about two other projects: one is a badass video game and one is a Netflix series that I was super excited about being a part of too!

Phew! got all that? It's been a wild ride but I am so ready for more. BRING IT.