Fiat trapped us in a Basement

Never would I have imagined that being trapped in a locked room for an hour was a source of entertainment for people, but, boy was I enlightened!

The people at Fiat corralled gentle giant Christopher "Big Black" Boykin, my clever and adorable friend Kara Luis, hilarious Hal Rudnik, and myself into the Basement for 45 minutes, armed in only clues and an almost incoherent man-child. At first, I was uneasy but it didn't take long for us to get into the swing of things and shortly after, I was hooked. Without further ado...


Cristela on ABC

What a week! I just wrapped a really fun guest star role on the ABC show 'Cristela' and I am thrilled. It was such a welcoming and warm (and very Latino) cast and crew that I didn't want it to end. Without giving too much away, I play someone in Carlos Ponce's character's past which stirs up some trouble for the main couple in this episode. Look out for it on Friday, February 20th!


I shot some Public Service Announcements for Children's Oral Health with the most adorable little boy on the planet. No joke, he was even on the Ellen Show for his cuteness! This was a fun day that twisted my tongue in all sorts of knots while making one of my favorite dishes, Empanadas!

The top is the English version and the bottom is Spanish. Fun for everyone!