Return to Roots - May 23

Holy crap. We just came back from a mini catamaran ride in ocean that looks like pool water. So many beautiful little fish came over to us and surrounded us as we fed them bread. It reminded me of the times I spent with Belo in Puerto Rico, feeding the silver fish on a yellow raft. They pecked on our fingers, it was so cute. We swam like crazy and had a professional photographer come by halfway in and take great underwater photos of us. We had to meet him at 5 pm at the casa. Now we're off to the beach party. What a great start to the day already!

I finally look more Cuban with this tan directly from Varadero! The beach party was almost two hours late, and although the music wasn't exciting, (it wasn't Cuban music) it was entertaining to people watch. 

We got back to our casa a little before 5pm to meet with the photographer of the excursion from this morning. We ate again at Super Machi but they ran out of Pollo al Carbon and Pierna Asada. It was crazy busy today. The pictures came out great, it looks like we were photoshopped in. After we left, we stuck around our casita, enjoying the lush breeze in the patio directly in front of our room. J figured we could call Miami from the phone Estrella lent us so he called his parents and then I spoke to them. They can't wait to see pictures and hear stories. Next, we called Aramisito and he was hilarious as usual. He told us that they would be by to pick us up tomorrow around noon/1pm. We told them we miss them and he said 'te queremos mucho' - so sweet. After that call, I called Abi and Belo and they thought I was calling them from Miami, when they heard I was still in Cuba it's like they couldn't contain themselves with questions and comments. I said we were in Varadero now and they mentioned they had a house here and if we could check it out. Calle 33 y Avenida de la Playa - Casa Balerdi. So after hanging up with them we went straight there. Hopped in an Almendron and got dropped off right before the intersection. We took pictures of all 4 corners in case something looked familiar to them. The sun was starting to set and the sky looked magical with pinks and purples all over. It was breathtaking. We decided to walk back to our casa (calle 17) on the beach. I'm so glad we did. It was beautiful to walk along the shore, chasing the sunset. You couldn't take a bad picture with this backdrop. Also, you could walk way past the shore in the water and the sea level barely reached your knee. That was awesome, it's like walking on water. Plus, it was so warm and the air was breezy. I could have walked for miles. The sun finally went mimise and before we knew it, we were back on our street. As I looked up shore, I was saddened at the amount of garbage left from the party earlier before. It took me back a bit, I had never seen so many bottles and cans and crap sprawled all over paradise like that. I wanted to badly to find garbage bags and start cleaning but I did see people start to clean them up and I hope they start putting more garbage cans around so a beautiful place like this doesn't get ruined by inconsiderate jerks. 

We again ate at Salsa Suarez and called it a night shortly after. I had to take 2 benadryl to calm my itching feet who had been mauled by tiny mosquitos - or gegens (sp?)

Out like a light. 

Return to Roots

I recently went to Cuba. I've gotten a smorgasbord of reactions with that sentence, depending on someone's personal or political ties, along with just a general interest and lots of questions. This constant curiosity, whether coming from a negative or positive place, prompted me to write this blog. I had a travel diary on my journey and wanted to share that on an online space where I can better illustrate my experiences and more importantly my intentions for Returning to my Roots. This trip wasn't a vacation, it was an enlightenment.

Please be advised: I'm not a professional writer by any means, these entries were often in a car (Almendron) or late at night and they are raw thoughts, unfiltered and not edited. Just me.